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Welcome to The Blacklisted Gaming Podcast! My name is Brock, I’m a veteran of the US Army and an a gaming aficionado. We are a no-holds barred gaming podcast, our goal is to bring the latest and greatest news stories within the gaming industry. Unbiased, unfiltered and gloriously offensive. We are a veteran run podcast and aim our content to the pariahs of the gaming community by adding dark, irreverent humor along with, in-depth, informative discussions. We want to pull back the curtain of what happens inside of the gaming industry by discussing topics of game development, game reviews and even shedding light on corporate greed with the top gaming publishers. Not only do we cover these topics, but we cover the craziest stories within the gaming world. Ranging from political gaming regulation, egirls selling bath water, and even rappers selling fake gaming consoles. We are associated with Regiment Gaming, a veteran gaming organization who’s goal is to bring veterans together through gaming and brotherhood. We do charities for various organizations such as StackUp by raising money for veteran mental health and suicide prevention. Another organization is Shellback Tech, a group who raises money to build PCs to donate to disabled veterans. With that, I want to welcome you all here! Feel free to move about the cabin, and enjoy the latest streams, episodes and vlogs on this page!